The Deadliest Burn Fat Mistake That Minors Dont Want You To Know

Are you a constant jogger? Do you truly think you know the secret of burn fat; it is by jogging or eating healthily?

Now, listen carefully I'm going tounveil the Great Myths of Fat Burningto you

Your body system melts either fat or carbs (dietary carbohydrates) is based on the intensity and difficulty level of your workout activities. A lot people have false impressions upon this claim, when it comes to losing fat, calories are calories. Your body fat burns even when you're in goof-off mode .

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The Myth Your body mechanism undoubtedly sealed down one fuel source (either fat or carbs) in the event that revving up the other one. The fat and carbs take turns to supply you with sufficient energy. When one goes up, the other one will eventually go down. By the way, you are probably burning around 20-45% of fat from the time you begin watching my web page.

However, if you we're to begin jogging right now, your body system will have to provide strength or energy available for you to keep moving on, so the metabolic process ratio change on carbohydrate let's say 65%, and on fat, let's say 35%.

However, if you continue to jog then in order to maintain the carbs (carbohydrate will eventually run out) in your body, your body will gradually shift the metabolism ratio again to a much higher percentage of fat and less on carbohydrates. But only if you're a persistence sportsman, else, the fat burning percentage might be lower for an ordinary guy like me.

Is anybody home?

GREAT, let's proceed

Well, if only you are unoccupied and have a certain fitness level to be able to exercise 3 to 4 hours a day, then I assure you would have a sexy curve. Overweight is not an issue anymore for you.

The Myth Low intense exercise such as walking is better at burning fat as compared to other high intense workout like hiking and swimming where you push yourself to the EXTREME.

Have you ever doubted that why some average students can get an A effortlessly than you? Are they cheating or what? Are they any smarter than you? I can tell you that is the answer is an absolute NO. Just because they study smartly doesn't mean your IQ is low, similarly, you can either choose to exercise with low or high intensity, it's up to you to decide, but keep in mind that both exercises can attain the same conclusion which is to lose fat.

As I have stated earlier, low intensity workout like walking can burn more fat than other high intensity exercise that was said by an athletic expert. There is no need for you to push your way too hard to reach that goal. All you need is someone to guide you on the right method. Bear in mind that I'm not saying swimming or running more than half an hour won't burn any fat, just that your body is shifting to a higher percentage of fat for fuel. Furthermore, it is all about the total amount calories burned instead of a fuel source that matters when you want to lose weight.

The Unveiling Truth It is quite logical to say that these claims are true based on scientific point of view. Working out at a lower intensity needs less quick energy to provide your body with sufficient energy. A higher percentage of fat burned can be attained with the lower intensity exercises as well. But I have to say again, the program that I recommended can really help you incredibly in losing weight if you're serious about it.

It is actually quite simple to say that in order for you to lose weight, it is not always about the high intensity workout that you're dedicated to. It is about knowing the correct method and preferably used up only a small amount of time to achieve it. I think that is what interest you right?

This Bodyweight Burn method is by far thebestworkout method for newbie like me, just try to spend some time on their web and see how the experts, nutritionists and doctors teach you on how to optimize your metabolism rate.

They've named it Bodyweight Burn, for a reason. To BURN OFF your fat forever in just a split second!

All you have to do right now is to click the link just right below then you are one step closer to optimize the your metabolism.The Secret to Burn Your Fat Effectively

Case study:

According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services saying that by jogging 3 times per week for the duration of 2 hours can balance your body weight, but similar to what I did here is that I run the statistic by using myself and am putting forward as an experimental subject (because I don't trust the program and wanting to test it out on my own). I use Bodyweight Burn (BWB) workout method for 21min per day also can get the same result as jogging for 1 hour per day. (Jogging for 2 hours is too hard for me; you got to have a very strong mental attitude and physical to carry on.)

I've been using this BWB method for about 3 weeks and to be honest, I've lost 6 pounds already, quite impressive for a busy life like mine by using only 21 minutes per day to workout at home withZERO equipment.

Quality vs Quantity

I met tons of people training very, very hard with a minimum result. Let me give you an example. If you're a sprinter training a 200 meter race and the coach say you are going to run 3 miles every day and this training is going to train you for that 200 meter race. After that workout, you're going to be tired and sweaty and what are you going to be? You're going to be training your endurance. But this is not what you want right? You want to train your speed but you ended up training the wrong muscles.

Lastly, I want to tell you the secret formula to loss fat which is correct practices coupled with the correct techniques equals success. Let me remind you again, you are going to need a right mentor to point the weaknesses out of you and is able to answer every question you asked. So, make a right choice for yourself.

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