Before I dive into some specific issues that have proved decisive in my own life, I wanted to give a brief introduction broadly explaining my general philosophical perspective on health.

In order to understand health and vitality from a broader perspective, it is essential to understand the general physiological phenomenon of stress , which underpins the entire biological spectrum of health and disease. Simply put, stress is the common factor in virtually all illness-mental or physical, mild or severe, temporary or chronic.

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What is Stress?

Stress is a generic term, used so often in contemporary society that it's true meaning and implications are often overlooked. Most people have a vague idea that too much stress is bad for them, and everyone intuitively knows that they feel crappy when they're stressed out.

But not many people truly understand the profound implications of stress, nor do they have a particularly clear idea of what the word really means.

Stress, very broadly defined, is anything that challenges your body, requiring energy to overcome the challenge and maintain homeostasis (the state of stability, sameness, and normalcy that your body strives constantly to protect).

Overcoming any stressor is a highly energy-intensive process; in other words, your bodys demand for energy increases significantly whenever you are exposed to any kind of stress. If the higher demand for energy cannot be met (or if the stress is too intense to overcome), then the stress is intensified, the body fails to adapt, and vital physiological processes and structures begin to break down-sometimes quite literally, as the body dismantles it's own tissues in order to provide energy. This sets the stage for illness to develop.

Modern human beingsi.e., you and me are exposed to an overwhelming number and diversity of stressors on a daily basis. Lack of sleep, highly unnatural working and living conditions, toxic foods devoid of necessary nutrients, excessive exercise, pollution, misleading and destructive cultural messages propagated by television and other mediathese are just a few examples of the ubiquitous stressors that our bodies and minds are forced to cope with on a daily basis.

So why are all the myriad forms of stress so important to consider?

Ill invite you to ponder the following axiom:

Your health, vitality, and longevity will be determined by your bodys capacity to overcome whatever stress it encounters during the course of your lifetime, which is in turn determined by (a) your genetics and (b) the intensity, duration, and context of the stress.

So if you're feeling sick, run-down, fatigued, depressed, or apathetic, or if you have any overt symptoms of ill health or have been diagnosed with a serious illness, chances are that some form of stress is outpacing your bodys ability to adapt.

The culprit could be any number of things-or, more likely, a combination of many stressors at once. Furthermore, not only are modern human beings exposed to unprecedented levels of stress in a dizzying variety of forms, but the conditions of modern life also make it more difficult for the body to overcome that stress.

It is impossible to avoid stress entirely, because even simply being alive generates some degree of stress. Because some stress is unavoidable, it makes sense to work on identifying sources of unnecessary or avoidable stress and eliminating them as much as we canas well as exploring ways of enhancing the bodys ability to adapt to stress.

Self-diagnostics: how stressed are you?

Moving forward, one of the primary missions of this blog will be to identify avoidable sources of stress, and to convey effective methods for increasing your bodys resilience in the face of stress.

For now, you can get a pretty accurate picture of how efficiently your body is resisting stress by observing some simple things about the way you feel and function on a daily basis. For example:

  • Hows your sleep? Can you fall asleep quickly and easily and sleep without waking for 9 hours?
  • Whats your waist size? Are you carrying extra fat around your middle?
  • Hows your mood? Do you have trouble letting go of things? Do little things get you down? Do you often feel angry, sad, anxious, or irritated for no apparent reason?
  • Is your hair turning gray? Do you still have hair?
  • Do you feel like you have less energy than you used to?
  • How's your sex drive? Performance?
  • Do you often feel cold? More specifically, is your body temperature lower than 98 degrees Fahrenheit?
  • Do you feel the need to take medication (prescription or over-the-counter) for any reason whatsoever?
  • Do you need coffee to wake up in the morning?
  • Do you often feel fatigued? Have trouble concentrating or staying awake during the day?

If any of the above questions gave you pause, then you will likely benefit from further research.

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