Five Unbelievable Tasks That Influence Good Habits

Flossing your teeth, making your bed, and doing the dishes after a large meal are chores we love to hate.

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But are they really chores at all?

It turns out, tasks like these are better defined as easy to accomplish good habit influencers.

That's right making your bed, flossing your teeth, and taking care of dirty dishes in due time actually encourage positive behavior.

How can tasks like these encourage good habit development? By using The Power of Habit to encourage positive thinking instead of negative thinking.

I'll explain

Traditionally, we we're raised to make our beds and floss our teeth. Dishes we're chores to us while our siblings and family members went about having fun. And as children, we didn't like chores! We would dread doing them.

This negative thinking led to negative programming in your brain. As a result, you swore to yourself you would never make your children do chores

As the years went by you grew up and forgot about your promise to yourself. Because of this, you may have begun slacking on your "chores" (or not doing them at all - when's the last time you flossed?).

The negative programming still has an affect on your thoughts and decision making - it's subconscious.

Can you imagine thinking negatively about making lunch everyday?

"Oh man, I hate cooking. I hate cleaning. I hate I hate hate"

Life would be so sad and tiring with all that hate, wouldn't it?

Now, what if we turned this around and instead of saying

"I hate doing dishes, flossing my teeth, cleaning my house"

You said to yourself

"I cannot wait to finish flossing my teeth and cleaning today so I can read my new magazine!"

Do you feel the difference? You added a positive affirmation and stopped negative thinking!

Your mood changes by simply changing the way you perceive small, not-s0-fun, tasks.

These tasks become good habit influencers because your brain wants you to do more of what makes you happy !

I challenge you to try the power of habit way of thinking tomorrow.

Write down three tasks you don't like to do. Whether it's laundry, cleaning, flossing, hygiene, dishes, or homework. Place the note where you will see it in the morning. On your mirror, your phone, or maybe on your toothbrush.

Before you go to sleep, read your list silently and with each item say something positive about it.

"Oh I have to floss my teeth. See you later gingivitis and hello pearly whites!"

Go to sleep. Wake up. Stumble upon your note and repeat the process of reading the tasks and saying something positive about it. Lastly, do the task!

Before long, you'll be able to take on more tasks and change the way you think about them through the power of positive thinking.Can you imagine what life would be like having a dozen good habits?

If you'd like to learn more about The Power of Habit you can find the book directly on Amazon. (This is an affiliate link. If you choose to purchase the book I will earn a small commission - thank you.)

Share in the comments below what your tasks are and how your challenge is going.

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