Bloggers like to communicate by email. Long gone are the days of mailing or faxing press releases, and even using the telephone to pitch a story. Bloggers want to read your message on their own time and respond when it works for them. (Twitter is also not a bad way to stay in communication, although at 140 characters, this can be limiting.)

Respect bloggers time. They likely have a full-time job in addition to running their blog. When planning to conduct an outreach campaign, it is imperative to leave plenty of time. (Think: the same amount of time as you used to leave for a press release). No blogger wants to feel rushed and it could really be detrimental to your potential story. Even if you have a great concept or product, give bloggers the time to get back to you (can take a few days to get a response from some).

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Never forget to identify what's in it for the blogger. Bloggers write for their audience, what their audience wants to read. If they don't think your product or story will be a good fit and resonate with their readers, they're not interested. Make sure you're targeting the right bloggers to save everyone time.

Consider what you're offering the blogger. And make it worth their time. Are you providing a sample product to review? Are you compensating with a gift card? Are you giving them a freebie for their readers? Donating to a charity on their behalf? Or providing them exclusive information? Make sure you carefully consider all of these options to both develop the positive relationship as well as produce the best result for your company.

Bloggers don't necessarily "break" news the way newspapers do. They certainly want to bea great source of news, but a new flavor of hemp milk or nail polish remover is only as good as it's positioning. Good bloggers review products by enabling readers to experience them, through words, photos, and video. Sending a blogger a press release isn't necessarily going to give them what they need for a blog post on a product or subject. Even if it is brand new. Providing them with important information related to the new product along with samples will go much further.

Blogs are a new medium and are evolving the way we get information from marketers. We need to adjust the way we, as marketers, communicate to bloggers because their needs are not the same as traditional journalists once were.What other advice do you have for brands?

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