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Journaling Challenge 1: Journaling Your Life's Story

Welcome back to our introductory series and first week of posts here on Tell Your Story Every Day.

On Sunday, we laid out our heart for this site.

Timeout! Needing to help improve the overall design for my trusty blog. Opinions on the overall appearance of Actually an incredible money blog with heart whenever seeking inside the ARIZONA vicinity. Value your vote. Cheers!

On Monday, we talked about our upcoming scrapbooking challenges.

On Wednesday, we told you about our upcoming photography challenges.

Now, for the most often neglected thing in scrapbooking. Now, to get to the heart of telling your story every day!

"But, Mom! Do I have to?!"

You think you can get away with not journaling on your pages. Ugh. Journaling is hard! Do you really have to write something down?

Yes, yes you do.

You know in your heart you do.

Why? Because

Think about it. When you get together with friends and you find you have something in common, don't you get excited?! Don't you want to tell them your favorite details and share your little stories with them?

If you don't write down some of the sweet highlights and memories that are to be found in your photos, those details are going to blow away in time.

Here's the good news:

This a learned skill. That means that you can learn how to do it!

It's like most other things in lifeit only seems like you're born knowing how to do it. But that's not the truth. Everyone learns. You can, too!

My goal with our Friday posts will be to find ways to break it down into little steps with ideas and inspiration to help you go out from here and write your stories down. You see, the "Every Day" part of Tell Your Story Every Day is really up to you! We want to give you the tools you need to make these new habits for yourself every day, a little here and a little there, until you are documenting life like a pro! We will be doing different creative exercises to get our brains working and fingers moving so that we can get our stories out.

So, what do you need to get started for our Friday exercises?

Your Tool Box

Well, I think this is a personal question that only you can answer. I'll give you some food for thought:

The main goal to keep in mind is that you will want to have a place where you can really write your stories down, something that can hold 1,000 words or 2 pages for each story you want to tell.

But what you need most of all is a method you actually enjoy using. You are not going to want to do this if you try to do something too foreign to you.

Here are some different mediums you could use:

  • a composition notebook
  • an unlined journal
  • a hand-bound notebook
  • a public or private blog
  • the Notes feature on Facebook

Most of these are cheap or freeyou don't have to spend a lot to get a lot out of it!

So, mull over that thing you would like to use as your Memory Book. You could even use more than one medium if you like! I do! I use my personal blog, and a journal at home. I try to write something in the journal daily. I will imagine I'm talking to someone, like my mom or my husband, and I'll write out the story from my day just like I would have said it if I we're having a conversation. I like to talk to myself, you see. Ha ha!

I'm attempting to do Project Life this year and I will also be keeping a journal/calendar with notes from every day. While I like this idea and I think it will be a great thing to use, a smaller journal/calendar system is not going to afford me much room for creative writing. It's mainly for notes. So I can't rely on this for everything. So, keep this in mind and make sure that whatever method you decide upon, it's able to capture your stories.

I also love writing on my blog. Let me show you how I often use it!

Here is a page I made with The Daily Details for this week's Dare on The Digi Dares blog:

The challenge was to do a layout with only one word. Ack. It about killed me, after talking about journaling all week long!

It would make a nice title page for a book. But I didn't need a title page!

So, I thought about the challenge to just pick a single word

I thought that maybe my own One Little Word for this year would be a good fit!

so I ran to my blog and grabbed this post: my one little word.

and I edited it (because it's a little long) and then I added it to my layout:

It took all of three minutes to add it in. How's that for easy?! I did the hard part when I was in the mood to write. I added in the journaling when I was ready for it.

So, don't think that you have to take pen to paper to be a good writer. If you love your computer, use your computer! Heck, I have even taken replies I've left on message boards and turned them into layouts! You can get creative with your creative writing when you work a lot on your computer!

But whatever you do, be sure of one thingthat you are telling your stories.

This Week's Challenge

My wish for you this year is that you grow more comfortable with writing through lots of practice. So, let's jump into the practice!

I will leave you with this challenge today. It's a two-parter:

  1. Decide where, when and how you are going to do your creative writing exercises. What feels right to you? What gets you excited about the possibilities it holds?
  2. Crack open your method of choice and begin by writing about this new adventure. How do you feel right now? (Excited, nervous, optimistic?) What are your thoughts? Where do you see yourself in six month's time? What are your wishes, hopes and dreams for this journal.

When you are done, come back and let us know what you've done! If you've blogged, you can link us up. If you've journaled on paper, take a quick picture. Whatever you decide to do, come and share it with us! Things are always more fun when we do them together.

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