Are Toning Shoes Dangerous to Wear?

The news that an Ohio woman is suing Skechers for damages alleging that their Shape Up shoes caused her injury has received a good deal of publicity recently. There's even a special website opened up by injury lawyers ready to help anyone else who wants to make a claim against Skechers, or probably any other manufacturer who can afford to pat the level of damages that these exemplary legal eagles will be chasing.

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It must be quite concerning for anyone who either has a pair of toning shoes of their own or who has been considering treating themselves to a pair. Are toning shoes safe to wear or not? Some people must have doubts.

It's probably worth reflecting upon the fact that, in 2010, toning shoe sales are estimated to have been somewhere between $ 1 billion and $ 1.5 billion. At an average of around $ 100 a pair, that equates to 15 million pairs of toning shoes. So, whilst undoubtedly very distressing for the unfortunate lady who was injured, one case in 15,000,000 is not, statistically speaking at least, alarming.

It's also worth noting that the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) have assessed a number of different styles of toning shoes, from a variety of manufacturers and have awarded their seal of acceptance to those which they consider to be foot friendly and liable to promote good foot health.

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