We Use Green Products to Clean Carpets and Rugs

We are a strong believer in making the indoor quality of your home better. That’s why the products we use are certified green. Procyon is one of the safest carpet cleaning products on this planet. Soap free, odor free, hypo-allergenic, non toxic and absolutely no VOCs (read why VOCs are harmful to you and your indoor air quality) makes this product good, but it’s cleaning ability makes it great.

We have special cleaning agents for pet accidents.

You’ll love the results. Our process includes cleaning agents in the realm of nano technology. We utilize colloidal micelles for effective and safe soil removal. It is smaller than typical soap and detergent molecules. It seeks out and captures unwanted foreign particles that cause soil build-up and odor. The various blends contain extracts from plants such as cactus, coconuts, corn, grain, grass, potatoes, rice, soy, trees, and minute amounts of natural or nonionic surfactants and pure water. It is readily biodegradable (99.7 percent biodegradable in 28 days).

Removing Odours

Green products to clean carpets and rugs and remove odours?  When it comes to odour causing issues we frequently encounter in carpet cleaning and rug cleaning, our product U–Turn is a highly efficient alternative to the health and ecological hazards of nonylphenol and butyl solvents. See a video explaining U-TURN more.  It is harmless to indoor air quality and contains no VOCs or toxic vapors. U–Turn is odour free and will not trigger allergies. Dirt and grime are defined as layers of fine films made up of fat, oil, grease, bacteria, dust mites, skin, etc. These films are bonded to each other and to the fiber surface by amino and fatty acids. Most carpet cleaner detergents emulsify some of these films but do not break down the amino and fatty acids, which attract more soil to the carpet. U–Turn is a proprietary formula of plant based ingredients designed to remove these films and acids. The nano–sized particles called micelles represent the active ingredient in U–Turn. They cut through the carbon bonds in organic molecules and oil, grease and urine are broken down, suspended, and safely lifted from the carpet fibers. The chemistry restores the fibers without any damage to the textile.

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