Rug Repair

DSCN3461We buy rugs for our home for many different reasons. Color, size, shape, design…or we inherited a rug from grandma, or even mom who may no longer be with us. Whatever the history, there seems to be many stories with rugs. But what happens when our rug gets some damage or excessive wear?

That’s the time to give us a call. Whether it’s a torn side, worn fringe, tear in the middle, or (cringe) moth damage, we can make your rug look original again. Even if the damage such as worn fringe or torn end doesn’t bother you as far as the looks are concerned, the face yarns may gradually fall out and leave you with a hole or “chunk”. A relatively inexpensive repair can actually save your rug. We can give you an assessment and recommendation of how you can proceed. Feel free to call.

Ottawa 613 232-5110 or south of Ottawa, 613 258-5110

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