Removing Stains from Carpet

Ottawa Carpet Cleaning. DO NOT MIX CLEANING AGENTS.


You want to start by removing any solid matter. Use a neutral  carpet cleaning solution to get rid of the stains. Pet stores  also sell cleaning solutions specifically for cleaning up pet urine. It’s very important that you clean up as much as you possible can because harmful bacteria will linger. If an odor is still left, use a carpet deodorizer to eliminate the strong odor.

Both liquid and powder types of makeup will leave a stain on the carpet; you need to determine the makeup’s oil content in order to sufficiently remove the stain. Powder makeup is typically non-oily. Liquid foundation, lipstick, and mascara have oil in it. Majority of stains can be removed by spraying a household carpet cleaner. Allow the carpet cleaner to sit for 10 minute and break the stains down, and this will cut down on having to blot the carpet. After the stain is removed gently dab away the solution. For oil based cosmetics try using Goo Gone or rubbing alcohol. Take a clean white cloth and moisten it with the solvent, gently blot the lipstick stain. Don’t scrub!!!!!!!!!
When cleaning simple spills try to remove all solids first, and pat dry with a clean towel .It’s important not to scrub, you can even fold up a towel and stand on it. For simple food stains use a good over the counter carpet cleaning solution. Coffee stains are very concentrated and will require a professional ottawa carpet cleaner.


Dry Vacuum the remaining soil off of the area. Soak the carpeted area with a moistened cloth with warm water. It’s best to use a neutral carpet cleaning product, and make sure you let the area sit for at least 5 minutes before blotting it up with water.


If the stain is only a small, sizeable amount keep the area wet and covered with a moist towel to avoid drying. It is essential to keep the spot moist for as long as needed until the cleaners come. Call an Ottawa Carpet Cleaning professional immediately!


Use an over the counter foam or dry chemical cleaner, and use as directed. If the stains haven’t set (dried) yet, the easier it will be to clean them up. You can also try using hairspray on the area, and wash after treating the area. For ballpoint ink use rubbing alcohol on the stained area.


Keep the spot moistened and covered until you can get a professional carpet cleaner to come, due to the biohazard that could produce harmful bacteria. You really need this extracted out of the carpet. Steam cleaning would be recommended because it will penetrate the surface and the bottom layers. Inplant rug washing is the best for rug cleaning.


Blot the liquid as much as you possibly can. Use an unflavored club soda to treat the area, carefully blot the club soda on and off, it’s important not to scrub the stain! Second, make a mild detergent solution (dishwashing soap) with warm water in a bowl.


First consider what kind of fabric your upholstery is, check with the manufacturer. For grease stains, first apply baby powder to absorb the grease. After the grease has soaked up, remove the powder then reapply. Before treating the stain, test a small piece of fabric to make sure it will not damage the furniture. After absorbing the stain, use a brush and gently massage the area with upholstery cleaner. Dishwashing liquid also can work well to eliminate the grease. Continuously blot the excess cleaner with a damp cloth, repeat as much as needed. If the stain will not come out, call a professional Ottawa carpet cleaning company that uses hot water extraction, this process will be the most effective and very gentle for majority of upholstery fabrics.

Before cleaning the area, make sure you thoroughly vacuum to get all the debris that is trapped into your carpet. If the area is small try wetting the area with a warm wet cloth. Use a specific over the counter carpet cleaning spray or high traffic powder to clean the designated area.


If the water that has leaked onto your carpet is sanitary you may be able to restore your carpet back to its original condition. If dirty, contaminated water has flooded your carpets need to be replaced as soon as possible. Call a professional for advice.


In a house fire if a lot of plastic was burned, enormous amounts of an oil residue will be stuck into the carpet fibers. The burnt carpet will have to ultimately be replaced. It’s recommended to call a professional carpet cleaner that uses hot water extraction because this involves a gentle process that will work well with the different residues that have been burned into the carpet.


If only a small fire occurred ,all that’s needed is a thorough cleaning and deodorizing. If major smoke damage is left on the carpet and someone is able to salvage and professionally clean your carpet this would be the better choice. 

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