Removing Pet Urine From Rugs

Animal urine and solid deposits

This can damage a carpet by bleaching the dyed fibers as well as cause the breakdown of wool, cotton or silk pile and foundation of carpet. Initial clean-up should be done as soon as possible. Peacock Rug Care are experts in removing pet urine from rugs Ottawa. Please see our tips on cleaning pet accidents up on your carpet and rugs.

If after trying the tips you find on this page, your pet stains aren’t removed to your satisfaction, please contact us and we will come out to your home and remove the stain for you. We can guarantee complete Pet Urine Removal on rugs at our rug plant, however we cannot guarantee complete removal of urine from wall-to-wall but we will do our best to get as much out as possible. We use 100% green products for you and your pet’s safety.

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