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We are Ottawa’s premier rug cleaning company.

In business since 1987, we have perfected the systems and methods for exceptional, safe and thorough rug cleaning. This video, Rug Cleaning Process Ottawa, shows you the step by step process of how we care for your precious rugs and remove the maximum amount of  soils, sand and dry particulates, leaving your rug’s entire structure cleaned, rinsed and just damp to the touch. Contact us for a free quote and to set up an appointment!

Video Transcript of ‘Rug Cleaning Process Ottawa’

We are Ottawa’s premier carpet and rug cleaning company. In business since 1987, we have perfected the systems and methods for exceptional carpet cleaning. Our truck mounted units combined with rotary extraction and six step cleaning process leaves carpet beautifully clean, residue free and quick drying. We take the time to make sure the carpets are really clean. Our reputation stands behind every job. When it comes to rug washing, our system is the most gentle and thorough in Ottawa. Our process begins with our initial inspection. Your rug is inspected for things such as pre-existing damage, bleeding, stains and odors that may be a concern during the washing process. Your rug now proceeds to the dusting rack where the compacted soils, sand and dry particulates that are embedded deep in the foundation are removed. With your rug face down, our special rug duster gently beats the backing where the dry particulates are vibrated out and fall into the floor rack. It is then vacuumed on both sides to remove the surface dirt. Without dusting, the compacted dirt will always be buried in your rug. Remember how grandma used to beat her rugs, well this is just a better way to do it. Your rug is now ready for the wash cycle. Our 1200 gal wash tub has been treated with natural proprietary chemistry that is specifically designed for vegetable dyes in wool rugs. The rug gently swims in the tub where the fibers are opened up, releasing deeply embedded soils, all without any harsh agitation. After a nice swim, your rug is ready for the soil extraction process. Our unique centrifuge spins everything out followed by a fresh water rinse, then followed by a spin dry. The result? A rug that has it’s entire structure cleaned, rinsed and just damp to the touch. Your rug is now groomed to set the nap, and then hanged in our humidity controlled dry room overnight. Our finishing process treats any remaining stains or marks on the rug, and the fringes are finished all without chlorine bleaches or strong acids that can be damaging to the cotton. After a final inspection, your rug if finally wrapped and ready for pickup or return. We can clean any type of rug. Whether it’s Persian, Chinese, or whether it’s flat woven or handknotted, or thick as a flokati, or delicate as silk, we have the systems and expertise to clean them all. Feel free to ask our associate about our stain protector that will not wash or wear off, or enquire about our underpadding to protect your investment. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, we are here to answer them. Thank you for watching.

We hope you enjoyed our video, Rug Cleaning Process Ottawa!

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