Oriental and Persian Rug Cleaning

A quality rug is a valuable investment. Oriental and Persian Rug Cleaning is Peacock Rug Care’s specialty. In general handmade Oriental and Persian rugs and carpets are hardy and resistant to wear, stains and aging when properly cared for and maintained. Certainly the better quality of material and workmanship that is used in making a rug, the easier it is to maintain it. And using good judgment is the best way to safely care for, maintain and enjoy your valuable rugs for now and future generations…

Always have your area rugs taken out of the home and cleaned by a professional company that specializes in Oriental and Persian rug cleaning. Note: If the cleaning company does not know what type of rug you have or the fiber content, they probably know very little about cleaning area rugs.

Rugs used in heavily trafficked areas, such as an entry hall, may need to be cleaned every year. Because some rugs are thick, waiting too long between cleanings makes the deeply embedded soil impossible to remove completely. Moths can be found in rooms that are seldom used in dark spaces under furniture and they are more likely to attack wool rugs that are dirty. Vacuum Rugs Regularly. 80 percent of soil in rugs is dry particulate matter. This matter acts as sandpaper and wears out the rug. Again, beware of any rug seller who tells you that the rug you have just bought from them should not be cleaned. What this really means is that their rug will not withstand cleaning due to condition, foundation “painting”, or other hidden defects.

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