Need Your Furnace Cleaned and Inspected?




 Bowler Heating and Air Conditioning
For meticulous installation, service and maintenance of your hvac equipment. Along with clean carpets and rugs, a clean burning furnace is mandatory for good indoor air quality.

My name is Jonathan Bowler. Having been in the trade for 9 years now, I’ve had a lot of experience with different technicians. One of the big problems this trade faces is that it’s hard for a consumer to know what kind of technician is coming through their door. Is this technician lazy? Careless? Meticulous? Hard-working? Skilled? Unfortunately, even a trusted company can have a very difficult time knowing what kind of technician they’re sending out. Even if they’re very good, many technicians feel stressed to work faster and get things done in a hurry.

That’s why when I started working for myself, I made sure that I would give myself the time I needed to say with confidence to my customers that everything is working exactly as it should be. I’m known by my customers to be meticulous. And when someone is working on your equipment, isn’t that what’s most important? You need to have someone who will make sure your equipment is definitely working safely and efficiently.

Do you get annual maintenance on your heating equipment? If not, these figures may surprise you. In my first year working for myself, 47% of the homes I visited had gas leaks. Again, in my first year, almost 25% of these customers had other safety issues with their furnace that they would have never noticed without maintenance being done. Some could have become lethal over time and others ending in costly repairs.

For only 99.00$ ( reg.120.00$), you can have a full cleaning and maintenance on your heating equipment by a TSSA registered and fully licensed G2 technician.

This service includes:
A complete check of all safety switches on unit
A complete cleaning of all fan components including each individual fan blade
Cleaning of burners
Check and cleaning of flame sensor
Gas pressure safety and efficiency adjustment
Visual check on heat exchanger
Capacitor efficiency check
Thermostat operation check
Visual check of exhaust and intake venting
Condensate trap cleaning
Combustion analysis on entire system
Free minor repairs (including but not limited to minor gas leak repairs, some venting leaks, burner adjustment)

Call 613-769-0490 to arrange a convenient time to make sure your heating system is working the way it should be.

Services include: Free estimates, installation, repair service, maintenance, 24hr emergency service, Over-the-phone free diagnostics, and in home diagnostics on repairs for only $99.00*.

And if you find an equal service for less somewhere else, price matching is available.

Fully licensed and registered with TSSA for residential gas equipment and air conditioning equipment

*HST extra

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