Moths…The Rug Nemesis!

DSCF7259When it comes to area rugs, whether persian, oriental or machine made, if it’s wool, it’s a feeding target for moths. I had previously wrote a blog about moths and carpets, of which I won’t go into such detail, but am writing about this topic again for a time specific reason. Right now it’s winter. Winter is cold. Really cold. And moths can’t live in sub zero temps. In fact this is the best time of year to take care of your moth problem at you own home.

If you see patches in your rug where the wool is gone, otherwise known as a hole, but the backing structure is still intact, you probably have an infestation of moths. There are numerous ways to kill them with insecticides, but we have to be responsible about potential damage to the rug fibers and dyes, as well as indoor air quality. (Insecticides are toxic)

If you have an unheated garage, large shed, porch or a van, roll the carpet up and put it out in one of those areas. Outside may be good, but we don’t want the rugs stolen. Keep it out in the cold for two nights to commit total mothicide. (that’s my word). After you bring it back in, thoroughly vacuum both sides of the rug and you’re done.

However, you may want to check other textiles in your home for moths, and do a thorough cleaning of the rooms. Remember, moths don’t like clean rugs, so feel free to give us a call for a rug washing quote. After our washing, we can apply a non toxic moth repellant (not insecticide) that lasts for two years. If you have any other questions regarding moths or area rug cleaning, just give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

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