Indoor Air Quality and Carpets

There has been plenty of marketing information with regard to how unhealthy carpets are, with the purpose of “scaring” you into carpet cleaning. There has also been much in the media about the dangers of dust mites. The fact of the matter is that there are probably more dust mites in your pillows and bedding than in your carpet. The reality of IAQ and carpets is that if a common sense approach is taken, proper weekly vacuuming and periodic professional cleaning, a healthy home will always be yours.

Indoor Air Quality and Carpets – Dust Mites:

Should I be concerned about dust mites in carpet? Not necessarily. Most mite allergen is found in bedding and upholstered furniture. Exposure to mite allergen usually occurs while sleeping, sitting, or through direct surface contact with the allergen itself. Dust mite allergen is very large and is not released from carpet into the breathing zone, even during periods of heavy activity. Maintaining humidity levels below 65% and regular vacuuming and cleaning will minimize mite population in your home.

Indoor Air Quality and Carpets – Allergies:

Why has my allergist recommended removing carpet and other textiles from my home? One of the approaches that allergists use in allergy treatment is allergen avoidance in the belief that the removal of all possible places where allergens are held will reduce allergic symptoms. This is a misconception. Although allergen (dust, pollen, mold spores, etc.) may be present in carpet, carpet is not a source of airborne allergen that produces allergic symptoms. It’s not carpet, but dirty carpet that can affect our health.  Before spending thousands of dollars on removing and replacing your carpet, contact us and we will give your carpets a thorough cleaning.  Let’s see if that not only helps your allergies but your budget too!

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