How To Remove Paint From Carpets

Painting spill or splatter on the carpet or rug?

Here’s a video from our How to Series, How To Remove Paint From Carpets & Rugs, that will help you remove the paint on your own.  If the stain persists and you can’t remove it to your satisfaction please contact us for a free quote and to set up an appointment!

Video Transcript

What is the safest, best way to remove a paint stain? Rule number one, If it is an oil based paint, you won’t get it out. The only way you’ll get it out is with a pair of scissors. Now this is latex paint so we can get this out. If possible, try to get the tip of the paint out with a pair of scissors. Just be careful not to create divots. What you can use is a dry solvent, you can go to Canadian Tire, Home Depot or Rona and pick up Super De-gooper or Goof Off. Put it on a cloth. Do not pour it on the carpet, it will dissolve the latex backing. Lightly rub it in a small circular motion. Keep turning your cloth until you have no more paint. Be careful not to agitate the carpet too much that you cause distortion. Theres the end result. Again, don’t scrub. At the very end, get a damp cloth on just brush over it to get any residual. No harsh scrubbing. No fibre damage. The paint is just gone.

We hope this helps you understand How To Remove Paint From Carpets!

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