How Do I Maintain My Carpet and Rugs

Oriental Carpets Need Quality Under Padding

  • Place a quality pad under your Oriental carpet.
  • Proper padding helps avoid unnecessary wear by minimizing movement and wrinkling.
  • Your carpet will be safer to walk on and will last longer.

Be Aware of Humidity

  • Protect your carpet’s foundation [especially cotton] from moisture. Humidity causes degradation to carpet fibers.
  • Avoid liquid spills, leaks and water from potted plants.
  • Use a [white] towel and blot the moist area.
  • Pay attention to the back of the carpet and aerate to dry fully to avoid damage.

Vacuuming Oriental Carpets

  • Vacuum without a rotating beater brush attachment.
  • Vacuum areas that are covered under furniture. These areas accumulate dust.
  • Take care not to fray fringes by vacuuming them lightly.
  • Aerate and vacuum the back of the carpet once in a while.
  • Avoid vacuuming too often. Where and how the carpet is used will determine how often to vacuum a carpet.

Keep the Dust Off

  • Minimize the accumulation and settlement of dust, dirt, sand or grit.
  • These components can reduce the life of a carpet because they act like sandpaper to wear down the fibers.


  • It seems that carpets are damaged by insects more often when stored than when used.
  • If you are planning to store your carpets for a longer period of time [over six months] we recommend you have them professionally cleaned, treated and properly wrapped.

Insect Damage

  • Certain insects such as moth, silver fish and carpet beetles like to feed on wool and cotton fibers in carpets.
  • Some of the factors promoting infestations are dirt, dust and humidity in the carpet fibers. Also darkness and the absence of usage can cause concern.

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