How clean is clean?

There are many different carpet cleaning companies in the Ottawa area that clean rugs. Most however, only perform a topical clean to rugs since their equipment is designed only for surface cleaning. Even if the claim is  deep  extraction, the construction of an oriental rug is very dense and thick. Therefore getting through to the bottom from the top is absolutely impossible. How do I know that? Because that’s how we used to clean years ago. The only way we could deal with animal urine back then was to mask it or saturate it with enzymes. And that’s a big no no with wool rugs. If companies claim total rug structure clean with extraction equipment or similar methods, it just isn’t true..

I was reading a rug cleaners web site last week and it was explaining how it’s not possible to get urine out of a tufted wool rug. I agree with them. THEY can’t get it out. But Peacock Rug Care guarantees all urines out of a rug with our full submersion system. Yes, all. No smell. Sometimes the stains may be permanent, but even most of them will look much better. Yes we do charge more than the average carpet cleaner to wash rugs, but when we return them, they are as clean as a tablecloth.

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