Final Details Important to Great Rug Washing

There are a number of steps and processes that’s performed on your rug to get it beautifully clean. We take great pride in trying to get the condition of your rug as close as possible to new. Remember when you first brought your rug home after a long search for just the right colour palette, size and design. It looked fantastic. The room finally is together. It ties everything in, not to mention how cozy the room is now.

We strive to give you the same feeling when we install your rug after we gave it a thorough washing. The colours are vibrant, the stains are gone, the dust is out and the fibres are polished. Nice. To get your rug in that condition, a big part of our job is what we call “finishing”. In fact, many times, we spend more time finishing a rug than we do washing. And yes our washing is thorough. Finishing consists of removing stains that don’t come out with the wash, emptying the dust inside the foundation, setting the fibre direction, correcting colour damage, or trimming loose fibres or strands, just to name a few. It’s obsessive attention to detail is what we strive for each day.

So if you have a problem with your rug, let us know your concern. We probably have an answer that will make you love it again. We certainly appreciate and thank the ones who have trusted us with their precious heirlooms. We look forward to serving you in 2019.

Murray Peacock

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