Does Your Nose Say…Please Wash Your Rug?

There’s nothing like having a beautiful piece of art on your living room floor. It adds elegance, warmth, and atmosphere to any room. Not only do we love nice rugs, our animals love them as well. If your pets are looking for a place to lay down, the odds are, they aren’t going to choose the hardwood. They like the rugs. Soft and warm.

However, the time comes when the carpet needs some cleaning attention. You notice that doggy smell, and rug washing ottawa1sometimes you find out that Fido’s done an accident or two without your knowledge. Can this odor ever be removed completely? Absolutely.

With our full submersion washing cleaning system, combined with our highly trained washers, you get a rug returned to you smelling like beautiful clean wool…unless of course your rug is nylon…then it won’t smell like wool…

If you have any questions, please feel free to surf our website, or call the office at 613-232-5110, and our representative will be more than happy to help.

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