Carpet cleaning before your carpet is cleaned in Ottawa?

How is that possible? Here’s a little trick that grandma knew but didn’t tell us. Well, she did, but we didn’t listen to her then. When your rug is laying on the floor, it’s collecting sand, grit etc that finds itself all the way to the foundation yarns at the bottom of the rug. Since carpets are designed to hold soils, we need to get them out. Grandma used to beat her rug on the clothesline.

Vacuum your rug, then flip it upside down and vacuum the back. This vibrates some of the sand etc. out from the back. Look at the floor now. You’ll see lots of sand and particulates on the floor. Sweep it up and re-vacuum the top of the rug. A lot more “stuff” comes out that way than just vacuuming.

When the time comes to completely empty your rug and thoroughly wash it safely, call Peacock Rug Care at 613-232-5110.

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