Carpet Cleaning – Power meets Finesse!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your carpet cleaning that deeply cleans while leaving it fresh and near dry? Read more.

You are waking up to your full cup of morning coffee. The sun is shining, the windows are opened wide, and the birds are filling the air with song. What a perfect day! But as you take another sip of your glorious caffeinated beverage, your perfect day comes to a crashing halt. (Well, not really, but let”s just say it did.) You look down and notice the condition of your carpet.

“Oh my. Can they really be that dirty” you ask yourself. Now as you walk around trying not to spill your morning starter, you realize that the condition of your rugs are not giving you a great reputation. What to do…what to do?

There are so many questions. Who can clean it? How to clean it? Some say steam carpet cleaning is the best, some insist that dry methods are much better? Wouldn’t it be good to have a company who utilizes the thoroughness of steam cleaning, but leaving the carpets as dry as dry methods. Compromise should never be an option.

We at Peacock Rug Care can do that. With our incredibly powerful carpet cleaning machines that are mounted in our trucks, we can deeply flush out soils and contaminants in your carpet, but leave them incredibly fresh and dry in comparisons with other companies you may have used before. Do you prefer the dry, or low moisture method? We do that too. We can offer advice as to which is best for you over the phone or through email if you prefer.

So sit back, enjoy your morning cup of joe. In fact have another one. You can rest assured, we can make your carpets and rugs beautiful.

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