If you are looking for the cheapest carpet cleaning Kemptville, then Peacock Rug Care is not for you. Our carpet and rug cleaning prices are very fair, honest and upfront. We will never bait and switch you. In fact when all things considered, we end up to be the best value for your money.


Peacock Rug Care offers the cleanest carpets, rugs and upholstery …or you don’t pay!


Please read more about our Money Back Guarantee.  Having invested heavily in specialized equipment, education and have developed systems that are always on the cutting edge, we have a huge advantage over our competition.  Our experienced technicians are courteous and gentle, and their main concern is to give the customer a great experience.  Not only do we want you to be satisfied with the final product, we want you to be thrilled. Our customers are our best promoter.  Please read our dozens of satisfied and happy customer reviews.

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Why the cost disparity from one rug cleaning company to another?

When dealing with carpet and rug cleaning prices, it has to do with the method of cleaning and the expertise utilized. Cost is generally related to quality performed. You get what you pay for.

Should cost be your main concern?

Area rugs are an investment and should be cared for accordingly. Thoroughly cleaning your rugs is our mission. When cost is the primary issue for you, we can examine your rug to see if top cleaning will do the job for you. If this proves to be the case, we will offer you a price that is less than what we charge for our usual rug cleaning services. But we strongly recommend total immersion cleaning as the best approach to cleaning your precious textiles, when economically possible.

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