iPad Sales Big/Slow/Huge

We can all easily predict that iPad sales will boom during the first few weeks of shipment. There will be the customary wave of early adopters that have to have this groundbreaking product in it's initial stage of infancy. Lines will be long outside the Apple retail locations (much like the infamous iPhone lines) but maybe not for long. Here's my take on why:

I think there is the potential for a sharp drop-off in sales after the first rush comes to a close. I could actually see this dip level off at a lower ongoing sales figure. Why? Won't the flocks continue to get their hands on this revolution? Maybe not. I think iPhone and iPod users have learned a valuable lesson with Apple products in the past. If you wait a year (or less), a new and better version will be available. There won't be the same feeling of security for the early iPad adopters based on selling older versions on eBay for more than the new carrier-subsidized version costs like we saw with the iPhone. No contracts here. The final reason rumors. More widespread than we've ever seen, the rumors of future additions to the iPad will only hurt sales. I, for one, will probably be waiting for a camera and multi-tasking (among other things I've been hearing).

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My advice to Steve and co. over at Apple throw us the big surprise of including at least the camera when version 1 is released. There are enough things that they will be able to add in future iPad generations that will keep people buying and buying. If they do that, you can go ahead and change the title of this post to Huge/Huge/Huge.

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