3 Steps to a Cleaner Home

Keeping your home clean is a never-ending chore, sometimes it can be overwhelming. It is much easier if you have a schedule that includes preventative maintenance. By planning ahead and spreading the tasks throughout the week, you will notice you aren’t stuck all weekend trying to catch up with house cleaning chores.

Here are a few suggestions:diy cleaning house tips carpet cleaning ottawa kemptville

  1. Keep the dirt outside

By having a quality mat outside your entry doors, this encourages people to shake the dust off their shoes before entering your house. You can also put a small sign kindly asking visitors to take off their shoes.

  1. Stop the stacking

It doesn’t take long before dishes in the kitchen start stacking up in the sink and on the counters. Make it a habit to clean and put away immediately all the dishes that were used. The chore is a lot easier if it is done right away because the dishes clean off easier and you’re not stuck cleaning a big stack.

  1. Team effort

It can be a challenge, especially when everyone has a different schedule (work, school, soccer practice, etc.). But if everyone takes a few minutes in the morning (make their bed, clean up after themselves, tidy up their rooms) the house will be much cleaner for the day and you get to come home to a clean house. Also, set time aside every week where the whole family does a “speed clean” where everyone works together for a short period of time to put away items laying around, vacuum, dust, etc.

The Myth of the Vacuum

You would be surprised not to find this noisy, electrical and often-underused mechanical apparatus in any home, apartment or business.

What is it? The vacuum cleaner. You know, that machine in your closet that comes to life when you plug it in and power it on, and it buzzes all over the floors as you chase it around the house.

The problem with the vacuum cleaner is we trust it too much. No, we’re not saying you shouldn’t vacuum your carpet. On average you should vacuum the main areas once per week per occupant.  You might choose to vacuum the bedrooms less frequently. We all know that proper vacuuming is important in caring for your carpet.

What is the myth? Some feel that vacuuming the carpet is equal to carpet cleaning, that is simply not true. Professional carpet cleaning removes so much more than a vacuum can. Yet it has been reported that consumers feel that frequent vacuuming removes the dirt and grime from their carpets and they can either skip or prolong regular carpet cleaning.

A good vacuum can only remove dry soil, no matter how powerful or advanced. Vacuums cannot remove the sticky, greasy soil stuck to the carpet fibers. You need professional cleaning to remove those embedded soils.

You can compare this to washing your car with a dry rag… or brushing your hair and skipping the shower and shampoo… or — well, you get the point. To clean your carpet thoroughly, you need a deep quality cleaning.

Do yourself a favor, keep that vacuum cleaner working, use it all the time, but also use your professional carpet cleaning. He knows what it takes to remove ALL the dirt!vacuum cleaner