Spot Cleaning 101

Do I really need to add-on fabric protection / guard?

DID YOU KNOW that one of the best ‘feel good’ experiences you can enjoy is having freshly-cleaned rugs, carpet or furniture?

And one of the most frustrating experiences you won’t enjoy is when, after a couple days, something like red wine, coffee or tea is spilled on that freshly-cleaned rug, carpet or furniture!

This is not good!

So you feverishly apply all kinds of household cleaning products, try to dab it out and scrub in desperation. That spot does look a little better but it is still there… You have other things to take care of so you give up. When you look at it a few hours later… it has grown and possibly even changed colour! (This is another mystery and you might want to ask your carpet cleaning pro why this happens.)

All of this stress could have been avoided if you had asked for fabric protection when you had your carpet or furniture cleaned. You know, like Scotchgard or V-guard.

Yes, fabric protection does cost a little bit more but… it’s worth it!



How does it work?

Fabric protection can be a mystery to many, but basically what it does is act as an invisible shield that repels most substances that are spilled.

You could compare this to waxing a car. You are applying protection to your paint job with this invisible wax shield, and you know it is working because you can see the water beading up on the surface.

Carpets, rugs and furniture fabrics need the same type of protection.

Besides the obvious immediate benefit of cleaning up fresh spills, you can rest assured that a protected carpet, rug or piece of furniture is going to last longer because when something is “clean”, it performs better and increases the lifetime of the fabric.

This doesn’t mean you can skip regular cleaning. Anything that is “dirty” will wear out prematurely. Fabric protection enhances and protects a good cleaning. It’s an added step that you want for your rug, carpet and furniture in your home.

So you want peace of mind? The next time you have your rug, carpet or furniture cleaned, ask for protection. You will like it… and so will your rug, carpet and furniture.


Why Should You Choose Us?

Rugs are like fine wine, you take the time to choose and savour the wine. So like wine, you take the time to pick the perfect rug for your home. You wouldn’t want to pick just any carpet cleaner, you want a rug washer, you want someone who will treasure your fine rugs. Yes Peacock Rug Care are carpet cleaners but we are also dedicated rug washers. We love Persian and Oriental rugs. Our process and technology for rug washing is entirely different and much more thorough and safer than our carpet cleaning process.

Indoor Air Quality and Carpets

There has been plenty of marketing information with regard to how unhealthy carpets are, with the purpose of “scaring” you into carpet cleaning. There has also been much in the media about the dangers of dust mites. The fact of the matter is that there are probably more dust mites in your pillows and bedding than in your carpet. The reality of IAQ and carpets is that if a common sense approach is taken, proper weekly vacuuming and periodic professional cleaning, a healthy home will always be yours.

Should I be concerned about dust mites in carpet? No. Most mite allergen is found in bedding and upholstered furniture. Exposure to mite allergen usually occurs while sleeping, sitting, or through direct surface contact with the allergen itself. Dust mite allergen is very large and is not released from carpet into the breathing zone, even during periods of heavy activity. Maintaining humidity levels below 65% and regular vacuuming and cleaning will minimize mite population in your home.

Why has my allergist recommended removing carpet and other textiles from my home? One of the approaches that allergists use in allergy treatment is allergen avoidance in the belief that the removal of all possible places where allergens are held will reduce allergic symptoms. This is a misconception. Although allergen (dust, pollen, mold spores, etc.) may be present in carpet, carpet is not a source of airborne allergen that produces allergic symptoms.

Will removing my carpet reduce my allergic symptoms? No. Removing carpet will not reduce the number of airborne allergens that produce allergic reactions; in fact, removal of carpet may actually increase the amount of airborne allergen, because other surfaces do not offer the capability of holding allergen. Removing allergen materials from a carpet is as easy as regular vacuuming and routine cleaning.

The industry emphasizes consistent guidelines for carpet maintenance to ensure good indoor air quality.

• Carpet holds dust particles, keeping them out of the breathing zone until they can be properly extracted by effective vacuuming and other cleaning methods – a benefit to those who are allergy prone.


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Welcome to your one stop shop for rug care! As you may have read on our website we take every opportunity to use the latest technology and science to better our service to you. Not only do we do this in an environmentally safe way, we believe that when you choose Peacock Rug Care it’s like sending your rug to a spa! That’s because we utilize a unique European process and highly specialized equipment that delivers the very best cleaning results without abrasive scrubbing, harsh chemicals or power spraying that can damage rugs.  Our oriental rug cleaning system is the most gentle, most thorough rug cleaning system in Canada.

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