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Pet Urine Removal

Don’t worry! We will safely clean away all trace of accidents leaving your precious rugs clean and smelling fresh again!

Carpet Cleaning

We have been cleaning carpets in the Ottawa area since 1987 and have developed systems that are always on the cutting edge!

Rug Cleaning

When it comes to rug washing, our system is the most gentle and thorough in Ottawa.

We don’t just clean rugs we, WASH them!

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Keeping your home clean is a never-ending chore, sometimes it can be overwhelming. It is much easier if you have a schedule that includes preventative maintenance.

Customer Reviews

We are proud of the work we do for all of our clients. Here you can see dozens of real customer reviews of carpet and rug cleaning jobs we have done in Ottawa.

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In business since 1987, we have perfected the systems and methods for exceptional, safe and thorough rug cleaning. This video, ‘Rug Cleaning Process Ottawa‘, shows you the step by step process of how we care for your precious rugs and remove the maximum amount of soils, sand and dry particulates, leaving your rug’s entire structure cleaned, rinsed and just damp to the touch. Contact us for a free quote and to set up an appointment!

Carpet Cleaning

Peacock Rug Care offers Ottawa carpet cleaning at its best! Commercial carpet cleaning services as well as residential carpet cleaning. We will deep clean your carpets using environmentally safe products leaving them soft and fresh, as well as soap and odour free.

We feel the highest standard of carpet care should be exercised at all times. Employing a complete six step carpet cleaning process in Ottawa and area with a truck mounted hot water extractor. Our unique products leave your carpet completely residue free, very soft, and in most cases, quite dry.

We take pride in every cleaning job we do and we want you to be ecstatic with every carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning job we do whether you live in Ottawa, Cumberland, Carp, Kemptville or anywhere in between. Every job comes with our ironclad risk-free money back guarantee.

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Why Choose Peacock rug care?

Around Peacock rug care we look at being a carpet cleaning service incredibly earnestly. We all realize that truly any time individuals are shopping to obtain a wonderful carpet cleaning service in Ottawa online people prefer the greatest. Continuously all of us attempt to truly be the smartest carpet cleaning service we all possibly can be in Ontario. It is our devotion to absolutely staying the standout that has generated us all very substantial honor with our backbone consumers.

Being a wonderful carpet cleaning service in Ottawa online all of us furthermore continuously aim to take the time to unravel each of our clients questions with extreme patience and devoid of judgment. All of us of course take time. All of us insist it's extremely important to be certain that clientele feel appreciated and of course looked after.

Certainly, there really are not numerous carpet cleaning service which have the particular skill set coupled with track record to brand theirselves as a mentor in their market. Mix this together with our superior degree of consumer assistance and certainly we feel we are the greatest wonderful carpet cleaning service in Ottawa online inside Ontario.

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We'll be delighted to discuss all your carpet cleaning service questions in greater detail on the telephone or maybe via email if this is best for you. Following that we can propose the choice which idealy meets your present needs. Learn precisely why people now refer to us as one of the best wonderful carpet cleaning service in Ottawa online!

Still Require Prodding? Other Arguments Why Peacock rug care is Rug Cleaning Ottawa

Dedication to High-Quality - Carpet Cleaning Ottawa and Carpet Cleaning Services

Our loyalty to quality is actually quite substantial. Should you be attempting to become a wonderful carpet cleaning service in Ottawa online or a wonderful carpet cleaning service in Ottawa online, there is really not one other alternative but to really do your level best in order to stand out. If perhaps a given client calls for more effort, we provide that customer added work. Anything for us to be confident they will be happy with all of us as a carpet cleaning service. Remember that, we service most of Ontario, therefore don't hesitate to contact us.

Dedication - Area Rug Cleaning and Professional Rug Cleaning

Our own clients have indeed reported our services as a wonderful carpet cleaning service in Ottawa online, a wonderful carpet cleaning service in Ottawa online, a wonderful carpet cleaning service in Ottawa online and furthermore the top Ontario area carpet cleaning service there could be! This will not transpire without amazingly hard work and resolve for the all-important clients and then the top quality bestowed in your finished work. When you will be shopping around for a wonderful carpet cleaning service in Ottawa online, we all truly believe that we're the optimal choice. Simply phone Peacock rug care to look at your quote today! 6133243787.

Skill - A Wonderful Carpet Cleaning Service In Ottawa Online and A Wonderful Carpet Cleaning Service In Ottawa Online

With any given industry, knowledge is definitely a top component when it comes to overall results. When you're wanting a wonderful carpet cleaning service in Ottawa online, this is more true. With being a carpet cleaning service, all of us will convey to anyone in person that the final end result is undoubtedly measured from the expertise of the business you've been hiring. The enormously large degree of working experience that Peacock rug care has got in being a wonderful carpet cleaning service in Ottawa online, is certainly precisely why you have to trust all of us with your valued patronage. If perhaps you're wanting to get a wonderful carpet cleaning service in Ottawa online, believe in Peacock rug care. Remember to contact all of us without delay.

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